Hey there – this is me with my husband Matt at Charlotte Comicon.  He’s dressed as Old Man Tick (a mashup of Old Man Logan and The Tick) and I’m dressed as Luna Tick (Luna Lovegood and The Tick).  We’re weird that way.

As you can see from the buttons we are wearing – we are part of The Charlotte Geeks (a group I founded back in 2008) and The Guardians of the Geekery podcast (which we started with 2 of our friends back in 2014).

The nickname Giddygeeker comes from how much fun I have getting excited and geeking out about things.  Life is too short to be the know-it-all geek who looks down their nose at everything.  It’s so much better when you get to learn about new things and get enjoyment and entertainment from life’s little pleasures.

So this is me, geeking out about the giddiness I get about geeking out.  So there’s that.